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What people are saying about Arth-Rx®

​​It's Like a Miracle!


"I have suffered from arthritis for many years. I have every cream there is. I have taken Vioxx, Celebrex, and nothing has helped the pain I have in my ankles, knees, and wrists. I gave it one more chance about a week ago and bought Arth-Rx. It's like a miracle. I can walk without any pain in my ankles or knees. I can actually write and understand what I am writing because my wrists are pain free. I have told all my friends this is a great product. It feels good not to have any pain. "

-Anne L., Middle Village, NY

Good Stuff


"The arthritis in my joints was so bad that nothing helped. I sat and cried sometimes because the pain was so bad. I saw a specialist in St. Cloud who gave me shots in my joints. The pain came back after only 3-4 weeks. Then I found Arth-Rx. I took it to a specialist and he said it was good stuff. Now I get the joint relief that I need thanks to Arth-Rx."

-Darlene M., Parkers Prairie, MN

Thank you Arth-Rx


"My husband had a stroke 9 1/2 years ago and was left with Thalamic Pain Syndrome. This affects his left side from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot. He has tried several topical products but is hooked on Arth-Rx. He rubs this on his face, neck, ribs, arm, and hand. Thank you Arth-Rx and thanks for all your help when we could not find any on our local shelves."

-Janet S., Mulberry Grove, IL

Wonderful Product


"I have been using this product for three years. It got rid of my leg pains. I still continue to use this product for my back. It is a wonderful product that I wouldn't live without."

-Ignacio G., Glendale, AZ

Helps stop the Pain


"My husband and I like this Arth-Rx lotion very much. It helps stop the pain. I use it on both knees. My husband uses it on his hand."

-Rose M., New Ringold, PA



"I find Arth-Rx important in my life. I have some minor arthritis and find this product very helpful as a relief. I 've recommended this product to friends and they feel the same as I do."

-Marguerite W., Bowmansville, PA

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