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Farmers Defense sleeves
Skin protection in the sun

The original protective farmers Sleeves.


Farmers Sleeves made for the ultimate protection of arms and skin for any farmer including hemp farmers, home gardeners, and more.


Say goodbye to irritated skin and hot days in the garden. Farmers Armour sleeves are made to protect you against the elements and be comfortable.

These sleeves are a polyester blend that is moisture wicking

to keep you dry and light-weight to keep you cool when it gets hot. These will help protect you from the elements while keeping you comfortable.

Black Drawing Salve

This has been used for centuries to pull out toxins from the body in instances like bee stings, poison oak/ivy, rashes or to aid in healing wounds.

The ingredients in this salve have been chosen specifically for the healing benefits they provide during the time of injury. This blend is antibacterial and naturally pain-relieving. Apply to wound, abscess, ingrown nail, splinter, or sting to draw out toxins.

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