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  • What makes Arth-Rx work so well?
    Arth-Rx is not just another capsaicin product. It is the only product to combine capsaicin with the vasodilator methyl nicotinate. Together, this means greater pain relief, faster and longer lasting. Arth-Rx works by depleting the amount of substance P in the body. Scientists believe Substance P builds up around arthritic joints and sends pain signals to the brain. By applying Arth-Rx regularly you will deplete the Substance P in the area. Over time as the levels of Substance diminish so will your pain.
  • I put Arth-Rx on and now it is burning. Is this a normal reaction?
    There are no known serious side effects with Arth-Rx. However, some people do experience a sensation upon application as products containing capsaicin may cause redness, burning, stinging, or tingling sensation where applied. This is a natural reaction and varies with each individual and usually decreases or disappears after continued use. Here are a few tips to help minimize any burning sensation: • Do not apply Arth-Rx to wounds or damages, irritated skin. • Do not bandage or tightly wrap the treated area. • Apply to a small area of the skin as a test for sensitivity at least 60 minutes prior to applying to a wide area. • Avoid applying heat to the treated area. • By using Arth-Rx regularly you will be less likely to feel the burning sensation upon each application. • Avoid excessive perspiration after applying Arth-Rx. • Avoid contact with the treated area and avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes. • Avoid applying contact lenses if your hands have come in contact with Arth-Rx. • If unusual burning occurs clean the area with alcohol or olive oil. Water will intensify the burning sensation.
  • Can I use Arth-Rx with an oral pain reliever?
    Yes. Arth-Rx will not interfere with your oral medications and has no known drug interactions. Arth-Rx works along with oral pain medications or all natural dietary supplements such as Arthro Oral to relieve arthritis pain more effectively. May customers who have used Arth-Rx in combination with their oral medication experienced more pain relief than by using oral medications alone.
  • I used Arth-Rx in the morning and still had the pain at night. How long does it take to work and how many times should I apply it?
    Although some people notice a reduction in pain within a few days, most can take up to two weeks before experiencing significant pain relief. The time required to deplete the Substance P in the area will vary by individual. For maximum pain relief you should apply Arth-Rx 3-4 times daily. If used less frequently than directed optimal pain relief may be delayed or may not occur.
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