Prostrol 50 Plus just got better. New and improved formula now includes rye grass pollen.  This all natural formula is an effective way to maintain and support prostate health and urinary function.



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Prostrol 50™ Plus

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  • Active Ingredients: Zinc (as amino acid chelate) 15 mg, Copper (as copper amino acid chelate) 1 mg, Saw Palmetto Fruit 4:1 Extract (Serenoa repens) 320 mg, Flower Pollen 4:1 Extract 250 mg, Nettle Root (from 4:1 concentrate) (Urtica dioica) 240 mg, Pumpkin Seed 4:1 Extract (Cucurbita pepo) 100 mg, Pygeum Africanum Bark (Prunus africanum) 100 mg, Rye Grass Pollen 20:1 Extract 2 mg, Beta-Sitosterol Complex 3 mg,  Lycopene 5 mg

  • Take advantage of this huge savings while we await a new shipment. Product expiration date 12/21.